Algae BioMass Org: How Algae-C Delivers For Pharmaceuticals and Algae Producers

The Algae Biomass Organization’s article highlights Algae-C’s ability to help mitigate the pharmaceutical industry’s pressing supply chain issues at the same time as furthering the algae industry. Read the complete article here.

A new kind of flexibility, and precision, for pharmaceutical production

APIs often have to be made with expensive and time-consuming chemical synthesis. In many cases, they are only available from a few international sources, making them vulnerable to the supply chain disruptions that have recently been on the rise due to political uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic slowdowns and regional conflicts.

Algae-C’s technology addresses these challenges with its ability to reprogram algae to create designer strains that can produce high-value, plant-based API’s. It’s a process that can be done economically, sustainably, and anywhere in the world.

A platform technology can be a force multiplier for accelerating the growth of the algae industry

This platform technology approach has great potential when it comes to boosting the broader algae industry. Algae-C’s model can ensure that a production base, or any single producer, is never overextended. Collaborations ensure that the production of a particular molecule  can be quickly and reliably achieved with an economic and sustainable profile that is  ahead of other methods. The ability of Algae-C’s partners to take advantage of additional revenue streams that come with marketing the leftover biomass offers another market pull for more investments in production capacity.

Learn more about how Algae-C works with the pharmaceutical industry here.  Learn more about the algae production industry at
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