Algae-C’s technology addresses multiple manufacturing challenges: increased ingredient costs, increasing supply chain risk, and high environmental impacts. The Algae-C platform is naturally carbon negative and intrinsically reduces risk and cost.

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    Reduced R&D costs and timelines
    Microalgae are capable of producing a wide array of complex molecules, including those produced in other organisms such as terrestrial plants.
  • Reduced risk and complexity
    Microalgae are capable of completing complex chemical reactions in a single bioreactor, thereby minimizing the need for multistep semi-synthetic or synthetic ingredient manufacturing.
  • Reduced supply-chain complexities
    Our process utilizes established algae production facilities around the globe, enabling regional production which reduces logistical risk.
  • Reduced environmental footprint
    Microalgae manufacturing is inherently sustainable, with the ability to sequester CO2 during the growth process and upcycle all leftover waste and byproducts.

Sustainable Plant-based Ingredients

The world is demanding more affordable and sustainable products. We are here to meet that need. Our technology allows us to provide a reliable, affordable, and clean source of novel and existing plant-based molecules to several industries.

A large portion of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are plant-derived. Our platform is a sustainable and scalable source for the production of novel and existing pharma ingredients.
Our ingredients meet the changing needs of consumers looking for products and supplements with plant-based, sustainable, and healthy ingredients.
The combination of microalgae with our plant-based molecules creates the perfect source for ingredients for the beauty sector, with all-in-one ingredients that can be used in skin creams, lotions, moisturizers, and more.

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