Our technology platform enables the production of high value plant-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and therapeutic industries.

Proprietary Designer Algae

We use our patent pending and licensed technology to reprogram the DNA of microalgae, creating designer algae. These designer algae, which can be tailored to our customers’ specifications, produce a wide variety of plant-based APIs at the highest quality and consistency, while minimizing costs and environmental footprint.

Algae: An Ideal Solution

Our technology platform is built upon years of research on microalgae; single celled organisms that typically grow using sunlight, CO2 and other minor nutrients, similar to plants. Their cells contain high amounts of protein, omega-3s, anti-oxidants, and can grow in virtually any environment.

We chose microalgae due to its versatility, natural affinity for producing plant-based API’s, and its positive environmental impact.

Test tubes

Platform Advantage

  • Microscope
    95% reduction in production cost (avg.)
  • Drums
    Consistent, high quality yields
  • Test tubes
    Faster development of new molecules
  • New plant
    90% lower environmental footprint
Dried algae

Our first molecules are: Cannabinoids, Tryptophan, Psilocybin, and DMT for use as ingredients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and therapeutic industries.

THC Molecule
Psilocybin Molecule
DMT Molecule
CBG Molecule
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